Thursday, April 7, 2016

Lisa Wojcik
Phone: 954-471-3113, eMail:

ReServe-Miami, Lauderdale Lakes, FL
Youth Mentor, 1 year (current)
Impact: Statistically proven increase in attendance (decrease in truancy) and increase in grade point averages of 4th through 8th grade students in Title I Broward County Public Schools in a grant-funded mentoring program “Attendance Counts 24/7.”
Responsibilities: Meet, one-on-one and in small groups, with high-risk students (Larkdale Elementary and Lauderdale Lakes Middle School); provided listening and personal guidance with home problems, peer pressure, bullying, attendance, and targeted tutoring. Use of art supplies (painting, clay sculpting, drawing, and small paper projects), puzzles, and games while counseling with students; tutored students with specific needs (low grades) in General Math, Algebra, Life Sciences, Social Studies, Reading, Spanish, and Test-taking Strategies; supervised by and partnered with school social workers.
Skills: Art Teaching (all media), Tutoring (all subjects), Computer (Internet, Pinnacle, TERMS, Excel, Word)

Broward Cultural Quarterly, Broward County Cultural Division, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Arts & Education Staff Writer, 2 years, ,
Impact:  Provided the public with high-quality journalism and informative news articles on local Arts Education topics and opportunities.
Responsibilities: Background researching, contacting & interviewing local notable people, site visits, photography, writing and editing articles for online publication by demanding deadlines.
Skills: Professional writing (journalism, creative writing, business communications), Researching and Interviewing, MS Office, Photoshop, Social media, blogs, and websites.

Broward County Library System, West Regional Public Library, Plantation, FL.
Library Specialist, 2 years
Impact:  Provided the public with friendly high-quality customer service and assured smooth workflow of library circulation processes.
Responsibilities: Front Desk Customer Service – front-desk customer service; telephone customer inquiries; cashiering; supervising library aides; perform circulation room processes and use Carlx database.
Skills: Supervisory, Customer service, Cashiering, Computer skills:  Library Circulation Databases, Word processing, Excel, Outlook, Power Point, Adobe, Teamwork

Broward County Library System, Afterschool @ Your Library Program, Percy White Library, Deerfield Bch, FL
Special Projects Coordinator, 1.5 years
Impact: Improved the quality of this grant-funded educational program for low-income elementary school students by introducing art lessons, computer skills, and by developing a positive, caring, relationship with students.
Responsibilities: Teach grades 1-5 (math, science, reading, writing); academic & developmental testing, curriculum development, lesson planning, and administrative record keeping.
Skills:  Academic Tutoring: math, reading, writing, science               
           Compassionate student behavior management
        and computer skills                                                       
      Art production skills: All media
      Lesson planning & curriculum development                           
      Academic & Developmental testing

School Board of Broward County, Facilities & Construction Management Dept. Fort. Lauderdale, FL.
CAD Draftsperson, 7 years
Impact:  Tangibly improved the overall quality and safety of Broward County’s public schools, resulting in increased intrinsic value of the education provided to the students and public.
Responsibilities:  Civil engineering and architectural design and CAD drafting for repair and renovation of Broward Public Schools; worked with engineers and architects; site inspection; and document research. 
Skills:  Computer skills:  Word processing, Excel, AutoCAD, Power Point, 
            Adobe Acrobat & Photoshop, and Social Media                  
            Teamwork, Client Liaison
            Document & Building Products Research                      
            Knowledge of civil engineering & architectural design
            Knowledge of required design codes and regulations

School Board of Broward County, Instructional Staffing Dept., Ft Lauderdale, FL.
Instructor 2.5 years
Impact:  Provided engaging, intelligent lessons and activities. Increased enthusiasm and motivation in reluctant and special needs students, causing a measureable improvement in their grades, study skills, and self-esteem.
Responsibilities:  K-12 instructional teaching, classroom management, and behavioral techniques; create an engaging classroom environment; lesson planning and curriculum scheduling, administrative record keeping; parent–teacher consultations.
Skills:  Temporary Teaching Certificate 2002-5, Sub Certificate 2006         
           General Knowledge &  Professional Educator exams passed

           Statements of Eligibility/Certifications: (All subject exams passed)
           General Science (5-9), Biology (6-12), Earth-Space Science (6-12),        
           Art (K-12), & Elementary Ed. (K-5).
           Instructional Curriculum & Lesson Plan Writing
           Classroom Management & Behavioral Management
           All Computer Skills

City of Fort Lauderdale, Public Works Department, Engineering Division, Fort Lauderdale, FL.
Engineering Technician II (NCIP Project Manager), 11 years
Impact:  Tangibly improved the overall appearance and appeal of city neighborhoods, developed neighborhood cohesiveness and enhanced constituent’s pride in their local communities.
Responsibilities:  Technical and project management duties for the Neighborhood Capital Improvement Program engineering projects up to $50K; civil engineering roadway, utility, landscape, & irrigation design; CAD drafting, document research, writing correspondence, quantity & cost estimates, specifications & contracts; construction coordination, client consultations & workshops, and site inspections; GIS and public information data system, professional renderings, logos, and outdoor signage. 
Recognition:  City of Fort Lauderdale Community Appearance Board recognition awarded in 1994-1996 for several of my NCIP projects for “Outstanding Achievements in Urban Environmental Design.”
Skills:  Project Coordination                           
           Client Liaison and teamwork
           Computer skills:  MS Word processing, Excel, AutoCAD,           
           Research using document archives & GIS systems
           PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat, and Photoshop
           Graphics: Renderings, logo & signage design                             
           Knowledge of civil engineering and landscape design
           Knowledge of required design codes and regulations

  Florida Atlantic University School of Executive Education, Boca Raton, FL
  Certificate - Project Management Professional
  Focus in Executive Certification in Project Management
 P.M.I. certification exam (CAPM or PMP) will be taken in 2015

  University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM
  Bachelor of Science - Biology / Geology
  Focus in various Natural Sciences
 Graduate-level independent study course

  School Board of Broward County Virtual University, Fort Lauderdale, FL
  Professional Development - Educator Training, 422 credit hours
Professional educator development courses taken in Instructional Techniques, Classroom & Behavioral Management, Elementary, Middle School, and High School Visual Arts (2D & 3D), Middle & High School Science Education

Central New Mexico College, Albuquerque, NM (formerly Albuquerque Technical-Vocational Institute)
   Vocational Certificate - Civil & Map Drafting Technology
 Focus in civil engineering drafting, field surveying, and computer programming

Adaptability & Leadership - Independent and team-building, creative problem solving,      
     organizing, and multi-tasking
Good communication skills – Writing (published writer), telephone, customer service, & 
     public speaking (tour guide & hosting events).
Creative and Quick learner - Enjoy continuing education, professional development, 
     on-the-job-training, and tutorials.
Awards and Accolades – For construction project design, educational program & events, 
     and creative writing.
Experienced career person with wide range of life experience and community service.

   Program Coordination                                 Project Management

   Writing & Research Skills                            Public Speaking
   Client Liaison & Teamwork                          Event Creation, Planning & Hosting
   Office Computer Skills                                 Volunteer Recruitment & Workshop Training

   Social Media & Websites                             Art Production: educational displays,
   Teaching: Art, Read, Write, Math, Sci.           brochures, flyers, graphics
   Life Skills and Community Service              Computer Skills

Publications: (many more, only a few listed here):
·  2013-2015 Broward Cultural Quarterly, Arts Education. Publisher: Broward County Cultural Division. (Articles on various Arts in Education for online Arts & Culture Newsmagazine. Sample:
·  2011-2013 Non-fiction, creative short stories. Chicken Soup for the Soul. Publisher: Chicken Soup for the Soul, Inc.
·  2011 “Saving the Pan Am Worldport.” Docomomo-us eNews Brief. vol. Dec. 2011. (Architectural preservation).
·  2008 Meet the Masters Volunteer Training Workshop Syllabus & Practicum. Meet the Masters Fine Arts Program. 
·  2006-2009 Meet the Masters Multicultural Art Appreciation Curriculum. (8-vol. multicultural art history/appreciation curriculum).
·  2002 Bug Town, The Bee and the Ant Children Go to School. Fort Lauderdale, FL. (Authored & illustrated children’s book).
Awards: (many more, only a few listed here):
·  2003-2010 Virginia Shuman Young Elementary School, “Outstanding Program Coordinator” for “Meet the Masters” Fine Arts Program
·  2009 Florida Parent Teacher Association recognition for “Parent Involvement Award.”
Community service: (many more, only a few listed here):
·  1991-2010 Boy Scouts of America: Cub Scout Den Leader; Ft. Lauderdale Little League: Team Mgr. & Coach
·  1997-2005 Community Emergency Response Team, Area Captain (Leadership Team) for Fire Station #47 Fort Lauderdale.